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Threat level


Thanks to a visible increase in NPC numbers, we were able to make the surrounding areas a lot more hostile than before. It was never our intention to attack the player camp (and told you so in advance). We probably will stick with this concept in 2019, primarily because it is too unsafe to fight between tents if these battles become to big (Chronicles just isn't your avarage weekend LARP).

As you might have noticed, the area we use for our event is vast. If you explore it, you might find someone. Maybe even an enemy. Taking a look at the reports from Chronicles 2017 there are as many stories about hostile contacts as there are about save routes through the woods. This kind of experience is what we strife for and will be continued next year.

Night rest vs. Fun for the Guards: If you have a working roster for the Night Guards shift, then it might happen to be that you will be spared some of the more unpleasant surprises in the morning. As planned, we will do without 100-man-attacks at 5 o'clock, yet who ever feels the need to protect their comrades around the clock, and stands guard at night, might find him/her self being useful, even at 5 o'clock in the morning!

OT zone tent: It might happen, that you are being attacked within the area where the tents have been built up. In which case, please take special attention to fighting safety. Also: you will never be attacked inside of your tents. We do however expect all our players to NOT exploit this fact as a rule loophole during the game by hiding from / sitting out attacks inside their tents.

Fighting near tents: The same goes for hiding between the guy-lines of your tents. Out of Out-Time safety reason, the NPC's will not attack you when you are standing between the tents guy-lines. We expect you to use the Fair Play rule here as well as with the inside of your tents, and not entrench yourself between tents, retreat to the Guy-lines, or use them to protect the Mega-Plot-solving-Artifact.

Death of player Characters: Characters that do not dive headlong into danger, will most likely survive the Chronicles. If you will experience much of the adventure and plot like that is questionable at best. Characters that willingly throw themselves at danger whilst laughing at it (Moving out of the Campsite or wander off to explore the terrain alone, or in only a small group) need to be aware of the the possibility of being attacked, defeated and killed by enemies. The 'Opferregel', (which is a fancy German word for when players get to decide when/where/how their characters should go to Valhalla/Elysium/Heaven/Hell or just die) is not in use on Mythodea events. With us, characters just die. Or become heroes...

Jenseits der Siegel