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preamble: Networking of the game world

Since the first year (2015) the "Chronicles" had the ambition to continue stories that possibly began at the ConQuest, but for which there was no more time. We also want to shed light on backgrounds and sideshows that have a decisive influence on the world of Mythodea, but for which we also have no time at the ConQuest.

The stories of the chronicle can thus be experienced completely detached from the ConQuest and we make great efforts to ensure that not too much previous knowledge is required from other events. At the same time, all our LARPs play in the same game world and are thus closely interwoven. So one should not approach the claim that everything that happens on the chronicles on the other side of the seals or ConQuest has no meaning.

One example is the Undead Civil War. However, since the following ConQuest played in Kelriothar, we presented the course of the war on the Chronicles 2015-2018. The events during the war and how it ends, of course, have a great influence on the Lairdoms known from the ConQuest...
Jenseits der Siegel