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What happened so far...


It all began with the announcement of Argu's legacy and a cryptic quotation, which apparently came from Argus after his death. To this day, it is still not completely clear where this came from. However, many believe that it was an allusion to Xoro's alliance with the Kell Goron that aimed to revive Argus.
But as is well known, Xoro's research never got beyond the prototype - Hagen. In return, the players got bogged down in numerous sideshows and so the chronicle (2015-2017), originally planned in three parts, became a "four-part trilogy". In our blog you will find a short summary of the plot for each year (German only):

Review 2015
Review 2016
Review 2017
Review 2018
The Review 2019 is still in progress.

Jenseits der Siegel